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We have plenty of Ice & Dry Ice available!! 

How Long does Dry Ice Last?



 Storage Container  Small Cube  1 lb 10 lbs 
 In Water  5-15 mins  15-30 mins  30-60 mins
 Open Air  10-30 mins  .5-2 hours  1-4 hours
 Fridge / Freezer  10-30 mins  2-6 hours  .5-1    day
 Styrofoam Cooler  30-45 mins  4-12 hours  .5-1.5 days
 Hign End Cooler  30-60 mins  6-24 hours  1-2 days

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Monday - Saturday,

7:00am to 2:30pm.


Closed Sunday

Crystal Ice and Oil Company is locally owned and operated by Art Sandoval and Larry Decal.  Originally established in 1978 as Crystal Ice Company.

Crystal Ice Company was originally located in Sparks, Nevada and purchased Glacier Ice and Oil Company in June of 1998. With the acquisition of Glacier Ice and Oil Company, Crystal Ice and Oil Companyrelocated to Reno, Nevada and became the largest distributor of ice in Northern Nevada and the Northern and Northeastern California areas. Providing home heating oil for residential and commercial customers became a part of the everyday business.

Currently, Crystal Ice and Oil Company is providing ice and heating oil for approximately 2,500 businesses and residents. Ice is provided for all the major special events in Northern Nevada. Crystal Ice and Oil Company is now a distributor for the Arctic Glacier Inc., a division of Arctic Glacier Ice Company, which manufactures approximately 10,000 tons of ice per day. Currently six distributors in California and Nevada assist in providing service to retailers and customers.

Arctic Glacier Ice Company products are made with the purest water supply to ensure the finest packaged ice possible. Utilizing state-of-the-art reverse osmosis water processing and the most advanced manufacturing and packaging equipment available in the industry, our products are truly bottled water quality and produced by exacting standards and sanitary conditions. Arctic Glacier Ice is tasteless, odorless, and risk-free … we guarantee it.

Crystal Ice and Oil Company takes pride in providing fast, quality and reliable service to our customers!


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